Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jose Guadalupe Posada Political Art

Jose Guadalupe Posada (1852-1913) Aguascalientes

-Mexican cartoonist, artist and illustrator who has influenced many artists in Latin America
-work is satrical and political
-His early education of reading, writing, and drawing were by his schoolteacher brother Cirilo.
-Early printshop experience began as a teenager where he learned lithography and engraving.
-l87l began his career as a political cartoonist for a local newspaper in his hometown.
-Lost his job and newspaper folded after 11 issues because of Posada's commentary.
-l875 moved to Leon, Guanajuato and met and married Maria de Jesus Vela.
-With a former associate he opened a commerical printing and illustration shop specializing in religious and historical images such as the Virgin of Guadalupe.
-1888 after many years of success a flood hit the city and destroyed his business.  He moved to Mexico City were he worked for a publishing firm and illustrated various book covers with his artwork.
-Posada is best known for his "Calaveras" such as the "Calavera de la Catrina" (the Calavera of the female Dandy- which means to satirize the life of the upper classes during the reign of Porfirio dias. 
-Most of his imagery has religious or satirical references.
-Much of his work is now associated with "Day of the Dead"
-Forgotten in life he had a reawakening in the l920's by a French artist Jean Charlot who saw his images at the home of Diego Rivera.
-Posada died in poverty but has remained a major influence to many Mexican artists.
Calavera de la Catrina

Porfirio Dias 1876-1911
president for 30 yrs

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