Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Q & A Introduction to Intro to Art



Parent/Guardian Name:___________________

hm phone #____________cell#___________________

1. What kind of art do you like?

2. What kind of art would you like to learn about?

3. How are the artistic people in your family? What kind of art do they make?

4. What kind of museums have you visited?

5. When was the first time you began making art? Who taught you or introduced you to art?

6. What do you think it means to be in tune with a "universal mind"? Describe the experience

7. Spirituality can connect people with their art talents/creativity? Some use the phrase "divine inspiration" Where do you think people get their ideas to create?

8. "Pay it Forward" means passing on good deeds and positive thoughts.  When was the last time you "paid it forward"? When are you going to "pay it forward" again?

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