Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Vistas Project

Joy & Peaches

Ikuto The Majestic

CHO's Shadows and lights Project

Ms.Vista's Art Project Michael Cortes

Art Project B block

Art Project B block


A Day in the Life of Jiji the Panda

City in Motion

Life Imitates Art: Beach Fun Shadows/Drawing Video

jesus banuelos art project

SOSA the Cat

Kevin Cervantes Vista Art Class Animal Video

Waking Up with Kitty

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Walk at the Beach bt Karina Jaramillo-Libra Academy Huntington Park, CA

This video is part of a final project the students created in which they had to shot a 2-4 min video about their pet.  They could use friend's and family pets and stuffed animals.  Each video must have must, found sounds, a description about the history of the pet and the process of the video.  Also the students' concern for animal welfare.

Walk at the Beach