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India, Taj Mahal, Shiva, Pravati, Ganesha, Mudras, Sacred Cow

Taj Majal (marble mausoleum, jewel of Muslim Art)
The Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan dedicated the mausoleum to his third wife Mumtaz Mahal who died in 1631 after giving birth their 14th child.
The mausoleum was constructed during the time of prosperity by thousands of craftsman and artisans.,

 Shah Jahan

Mumtaz Mahal

Shiva, Pravati, Ganesha (Hindu)

Shiva is blue because he swallowed all the poison of the world for the people.

PRAVATI creating Ganesha from her body oils. 

Ganesha was created to serve as a guard for Pravati during her bathing time while her husband Shiva was away in battle.
When Shiva returned and wanted to see his wife, Ganesha refused to let him into the bath.  Shiva in his rage cut Ganesha's head off.  When Pravati discovered what Shiva had done she became enraged.  To pacify his wife Shiva went into the forest and cut the head off the first animal he found.  The animal was an elephant.  Shiva brought back the elephant head and replaced on Ganesha body and thereby restoring peace to his home. 
Ganesha is the Hindu symbol for overcoming obstacles and for artists and creative energy.
The Hindu family can be related to the Christian trinity of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.  Ganesh like Jesus died and was reborn and serves as an inspiration for diversity and dealing with day to day problems small and large.

GREEN- HEART-(jade-emerald)
YELLOW- POWER/FEAR (amber, citrine)
ORANGE-CREATIVITY-(amber, jasper, corral)
RED-ROOT (corral, turmoulene)


Mudra Buddhi
index finger (jupiter)under thumb (ego/brain)= receptive, understanding

Mudra Guyan
index finger tip to tip with thumb= aid with concentration

Mudra Prayer
Namaste (greeting, soul to soul, being to being)
The higher the hands are raised the more deference is directed.

Cows are aloud to roam freely.  They are not eaten "sacred" because of the Hindu belief in reincarnation.  (Just in case you eat your previous relative)
Hanging out downtown......

Diety with stories of gods.

Saffron colored dresses for creativity.
1. What do you think the significance of designing a building for your loved one? If you were going to design a building for a sweetheart where would it be located and why? Also what would be the key characteristics of the building (edifice) ? (what would it have to contain for to meet your requirements and satisfaction?
2. Shiva is often portrayed as a blue figure because he swallowed/took all the pain of the Earth.  How do you feel about people taking the responsibilty for others greif and pain? How can you be empathic/sympathic without causing yourself pain either physically or emotionally? (think about your parents, President Obama, Mother Teresa, The Catholic Pope)
3. Ganesh is a symbol of overcoming obstacles and the god of creativity.  How can he also symbolize understanding people with physical and emotional differences-expressing tolerance of others?
4. Shiva, Pravati, and Ganesh can parallel the holy trinity of Joseph, Jesus, and Mary. Explain how they relate in terms of the stories we have heard about these historical/religious figures?
5. The symbol of the "Sacred Cow" in India refers to protecting these animals from slaughter and consumption because they culture believes in reincarnation.  Just in case the cow is a previous relative.  How do you feel about reincarnation? What are the possibilities of returning to life as another person, animal, or thing (tree)?

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