Monday, September 29, 2014

Marina Abramović e Ulay - MoMA 2010

Marina Abramovic at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art NY)
March-May 2010

JayZ Picasso Baby 2014

JayZ with Marina Abramovic

Performance artist Marina Abramovic (November 30, 1946 Belgrade, Serbia). Lives in New York.  She is considered by some to be the "grandmother of performance art". Abramovic began her art career in the l970's and has been active since then.  

Abramovic describes performance art vs. theater as being "real"- and "ephemeral".  "Theater is not real-a knive and blood are real in performance not in theater.  She believes in being 100% present with the audience. Performance was more active in the l970's and less in the l980's because you can't really make money with a performance piece.  Performance deals with memory and the art of the l980's dealt with profit and sales.   

Performance as conceptual art deals with the purity of an idea. Abramovic deals with the relationship of the performer and the audience. She is testing the limits of the body and the possibilities of how the mind functions.  

The Artist is Present March 14-May 31, 2010

We will do a performance with individual students and the teacher similar to Abramovic.
Setting: 2 people sitting in chairs facing each other
Dialogue: Student: "I can have it all."
                 Teacher: "Yes you can."

This dialogue is repeated for a minute.After some students have participated answer the following 

1. What were your expectations before the exercise began? Which ones were met and which were not? What were the surprise expectations for you?

2. How did the performances inspire you to become a better person?

3. What happened during the performance that motivated you to help others?

4. What is the importance of being present with people around you?

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