Friday, March 1, 2013

Raymond Pettibon

RAYMOND PETTIBON ( 1957 TUCSON, AZ) Lives in Venice Beach, California
-orginally named Raymond Ginn.
-Grew up in Hermosa Beach, CA
-earned economics degree from UCLA 1977-taught in LA public schools as math teacher for a short time
-known for being part of the punk rock band "Black Flag"/his brother guitarist/songwriter Greg Ginn.
Raymond played bass. (1980's LA punk scene)
-He designed the "Black Flag" logo
-Pettibon (nickname petit bon (good little one)  given to him by father

-Political artist/ comic like drawings -distrubing, violent and anti-authorian
-Goya and William Blake style of political editorial cartoons

Los Caprichos

Francisco Goya (Spanish/Romantic period 1746-1828)

William Blake (English- Romantic 1757-1827)

-primarly india ink, some use of color, watercolor, collage and acrylic paint
-Raymond's drawings encompass: deviances of marginal youth-culture to art, literature, sports, religion, politics, sexuality-
-works on paper also combine drawn images and text, borrowed from literature and text written by Raymond.
Compare and contrast
  1. What are the obvious similarities between Pettibon's image and Goya's? What kind of brutality is being demonstrated? How effective is Pettibon's portrayal with black and white lines vs Goya's painted images?


2. What kind of emotions are portrayed in the Blake image and the Pettibon image that are similiar?
Where is the feeling of futility expressed in both images?
3. What kind of political messages do you think are being portrayed by the dog image and the text?
How does the text amplify the image?
4. What is meant by the expression "He's as dumb as a rock"? What is the message the Pettibon is trying to communicate with this drawing? What kind of feelings do you think dirt/earth has?




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