Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Stuffed Heart (The Heart is Primary)

The Heart Is Primary
   I selected my friend Jesus as the recipient of my stuffed heart.  He has been my friend since we were in elementary school.  I wanted to let him know how much I value our friendship throughout the years.  The stuffed heart has helped me to express my feelings. 
Making a handmade gift for someone is a new experience for me.  I have little experience sewing too.  But I was surprised that I was able to create this token with felt material.  I wasn't sure I would be able to complete the project successfully enough to give the heart as a gift.  My friend's response helped to make my project and act of kindess a success.  He was very emotional when he received the gift.  I didn't realize how much our friendship meant to Jesus.....
-The two paragraph essay is an example.
Narrative Essay Outline-
The items below should be included in your essay:
-Insert a photo of your receipient (person that you made the heart for)
-discuss the person you selected (friendship, acknowledgement, reward, duty, apology)
-discuss your experience during the process and something new you found out about yourself
-discuss the recipient's reaction and something new you found out about this person
-What is the value of giving gifts/acts of kindness to people in your life?
Points possible:
Stuffed Heart ( 100-200 pts)

-choose 3 pieces of felt using primary colors blue, red and yellow
-cut the felt into heart shapes using a paper pattern or cut into the felt directly
-sew heart and allow for space to stuff the heart prior to sewing completely around
-sew bead for decoration
Narrative essay (typed) (100 pts)





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