Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Historical and Holy Relics Revisted

RELICS- BY DEFINITION MEANS "remains or something left behind."

---relics are an important aspect of various religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism.
---the objects left behind displayed in various faiths are locks of hair, blood, and garments by saints.  True believers will travel to see these relics as part of their faith. Miracles are attributed to many relics. (Shroud of Turin)

The Shroud of Turin at St. John the Bapist Cathedral in Turin, Italy
Saint Monica
Mummified hand of St. Stephen
Blood relic
Madame Guillotine
Native American Ceremonial Gloves
Michael Jackson's White Glove-Modern relic
Contemporary Artists who are inspired by the idea of "relics" are abstracting the idea of what defines a relic.
--The art work consists of using various mediums especially "found objects"  which are appropriate for the "memories" and "personal energy" the objects may contain.  (Previously owned objects are sometimes believed to absorb some of owner's personal information/"pschometry"-the study of " reading"  people by holding one of their objects such as a wristwatch)
--An artist will use the idea of the "power of the object" as an essential component in creating artwork. (Conceptual art-the importance of the idea)

Lucas Samaras (box series) #1
(Shroud of Turin?)
Lucas Samaras (box series)
(saint mummified hand?)
Lucas Samaras (box series)
(memory box, photo album?)
Carol Es
Creatures with name tag/id tags/toe tags?
Organic forms/bones, organs/relics?
Sandra Vista
Close of Relic #1
Sandra Vista
Close up Relic #1


Lyn Beldner (Sphere)
Lyn Beldner "Pin Cushion"

1.How do you think it is possible for an object to carry the energy of the previous owner?
2.What are some of the similarities of  the "Shroud of Turin" and Lucas Samaras' #1 Box? (ie: both pieces contain "faint" images of a person)
3. Does Lucas Samaras' #3 Box contains a hand under a screen.  How does this hand image compare with the mummified hand of St. Stephen? Does Saint Stephen's hand appear to be a human hand or as artifical as Samaras' plastic hand.  Do these "relics" emit the same kind of spiritual energy? explain your answer...
 Lucas Samara #4 Box houses "snippets" of photographs reminiscent of personal photo albums? What is the purpose of compiling photos in an album? What kind of photographs to you keep among your personal effects? Why are they important to you?
5. How are the materials used by Carol Es relate to Sandra Vista's Relic #1?  What similar emotions do you think they are displaying?  (hint: both artists use fabric in their work)


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  1. Thank you for placing my son's name, Erich H., at the base of the saint's relics, nieces, nephews, godchild as well as my small business RF Design (and my own name, Karin S.) and their genogram, for healing, cleansing, exorcism, deliverance, blessing. All you Holy Men and Women, intercede for us!