Sunday, September 23, 2012

Mark Rothko World View

Mark Rothko (born in Russia l903-died in New York in l970).  His family immigrated from Russia to Portland Oregon when Rothko was a child.  Rothko is considered an "abstract expressionist", and "colored field" painter.  Generally abstract expressionists are associated with large expanses of color that is emotionally applied to the canvas.  Rothko is considered a "silent" abstract expressionist. 
He said he wanted the viewers to cry when they experienced his paintings.  The viewer is consumed by the expansion of color fields.  The lack of perspective allows for more self-exploration.

1. What do the set of complementary colors (orange and blue) create as an illusion and sensation?
2. What happens on a canvas with monochromatic colors?
3.What time of day do you think is portrayed in this painting?  What title would you give this work?
4. The glow iminating from the canvas is reminiscent of what time of day? What do you think is the message?
5. If this was a painting of an open window, what views are represented? What mood do this green and blue hues set?

6. What time of idea is displayed with these warm hues?
Chapel in Houston Texas l971

 7. How does the minimal characteristics of the chapel promote personal introspection and union with one's person beliefs?
8. Rothko said he wanted people to cry when they saw his paintings, how is this idea similiar to the feeling evoked by music?


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