Sunday, August 30, 2015

Art Rubric---General Art Middle School-High School...


"How We Talk About Art"


FORM (designing, what you use)

Elements and Principles of Design:

Elements: line, form, shape, space,  value, color, texture

Principles: movement, contrast, pattern, emphasis, unity, rhythm, balance

CONTENT  (what it means, what it's about, ...)

What you are trying to say, define, and redefine includes:

Personal stories, nostalgia (specific times, memories), Historical events, Influences- Art Historical, Art movements & periods (Modern Art, Abstract art...), Artists, popular culture, spirituality, religion, World History, Anti-war, feminism, equal rights


pencil, color pencil, pastel, chalk, acrylic/oil paint, watercolor, fibers (yarn, raffia),clay,
paper making, photography, technology, video, performance art/conceptual art

                                                               RUBRIC: 4, 3, 2, 1   

1. _____Respectful to teacher and fellow students.

2._____Respectful and appropriate use of class art materials and tools.

3. ____Clean up on time independently, without being reminded. Assist colleagues and teacher
           with maintenance of the classroom.

4. ____Clear understanding of assignments and projects-ability to follow guidelines.

5. ____Clear use of elements and principles of design for each project. (Form)

6.____"Content"-clear vision and explanation of assignment-verbally and in written content.

7.____Concern for craftsmanship, neatness, value of the art project. 

8. _____Allowing for "time" for the best results-refrain from rushing through work.

Grade Scale for Rubric                                   Grade Scale 100 pt. System                

4--A                                                                  100-90=   A
3--B                                                                    89-80=   B
2--C                                                                    79-70=   C                                               
1--D                                                                    69-60=   D

*assign a number from 4-1 for each of the 8 items- divide the total by 8 to receive grade results.
ie: if your total was 24-divide by 8 = 3 (B)

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