Tuesday, January 27, 2015

300 Signatures or 50 plus Cards -Gratitude-Friendship-Goodwill-and more...


Your project is to display acts of gratitude, Friendship, Goodwill, and more by making a card for each of your classmates and teachers (50 cards +) or collecting 300 signatures in which you express a friendly request. 

50 cards plus: -Design cards that are about 4"x 6" in dimension -you can have the same design on the cover of each card or change them to add a personal touch to each card.  (It is important to personalize the cards in some way-Something you have recognized about each person you send a card to.

Materials: drawing paper folder, color pencils, paint, pattern paper

-300 Signatures:Design a large card /or your own creativity/ acquire 300 signatures of your classmates/family. REMEMBER TO EXPRESS GRATITUDE WHEN REQUESTING THE INDIVIDUAL'S SIGNATURE.


-creativity of design elements: color, line, materials, craftsmanship


-ESSAY FOR PROJECT- 500 word essay about Process= 100 4.0
- Idea/inspiration for your project/reasons why

 (ie: I was inspired to make contact with the students of Libra and Linda Marquez High School in order to make new friends and to see other students' perspective about our high school.  New friendships are important to me now as I mature and need to understand what the future holds for me and my fellow classmates.  

-Process- What did you decide to design for your project:

 (ie: I chose to make a large card for my signatures.  I wanted to look like the large cards I used to receive from my parents when I was a kind.  The size of the card made me feel important and loved.  I used to keep it in my room the whole year.

-What you learned from your experience.
 Share some anecdotes (small stories) about your experiences.  (

(ie:) I learned that most of the students I spoke to were willing to sign my card without a problem.  One student said he thought I was a great idea to and said he would help me ask other students for signatures.  One Friday during the project he met me at lunch an walk around with me gathering students and saying what a wonderful experience it was to "show the love and to spread the love".

(ie) I made the 50 cards necessary for this project.  I didn't realize that my teachers would be so grateful to receive the cards.  Mr. Rodriquez said that working everyday with numbers sometimes keeps him out of touch with the creative elements at school.  Many of his students express gratitude for the help with math but rarely do they write a note or card.  I felt I played a true role in Mr. Rodriquez' happiness.

-What did you learn about other people during your experience. Share some anecdotes (SMALL STORIES ABOUT THE EXPERIENCES).

(ie): Most students were eager to sign my card but occasionally I would get a student saying "I need to get paid for this, my signature is worth money at least $1-5 bucks!  "I think this is stupid and not real art.  I explained to the people that said "it wasn't real art", that are has many descriptions.  We have been learning about "Conceptual Art" where the idea is the most important thing.

-Conclusion: begin with the first paragraph and re-emphasize.  

(ie: ) I think that expressing concern and acknowledgement of the students and teachers at Libra has help me to open my heart further...

500 words-typed and handed in with your art project (100pts)

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