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Hair As An Art Form (Meret Oppenheim & Jane Castillo) Surrealism

Fur Lined Tea Cup l936 Meret Oppenheim
Hair Portrait- Meret Oppenheim
Meret Oppenheim Portrait
1913-1985 German born Swiss, Surrealist artist photographer.  Part of the Surrealist movement of the l920's founded by Andre Breton along with Marcel Duchamp and Man Ray. 
*Surrealism- deals with interpretation of dreams and dealing with symbolism of the subconscious.  The art created exists without intention of logical comprehensibility.
*The movement began primarily in Europe and centered in Paris.  It was influenced by psychoanalytical work of Freud and Jung.  There is also influence of the Symbolist movement of the late l9th century.
* Dadaism an art  movement occuring similtaneously dealt with similar ideas.  It focused on the conceptual approach to art.  The idea is more important than the visual art produced.  They were also responding to the changes of the early 20th century.

*Many of Oppenheims pieces consisted of everyday objects arranged to
to allude to female sexuality and feminine expolitation by the opposite sex.
Man Ray
Man Ray- Indestructible Object (l923) (l933)

Man Ray
Duchamp- Readymade Bicycle Wheel
Jane Castillo

Jane Castillo Hair Ball
Jane Castillo
Los Angeles based artist born to Columbian immigrants.  Her art is influenced by her culture and family history.  Castillo enjoys the exploration of materials and their identity.  Also the materials are presented in a new way.  One of the associations with Castillo's use of hair is influenced by her memories of her grandmother.  Clumps of hair can be associated with memories of loved ones.  Hair is also a symbolism of a feminist declaration.

Salvador Dail- Surrealist artist
Man Ray (Kitty)
Regarding Surrealism's basic characteristics of:
1. Interpretation of dreams
2. Focus of the subconscious and symbolism
3. intentional incomprehensibility and lack of logic
A. How can you describe Man Ray's photo as an example of Surrealism by using the three traits ?
B. How is hair and "feminism" and important element in this photo?
1896-1966 poet France
C. "The truth can only be seen when you close your eyes to reason and surrender yourself to dreams. " What does Breton mean by surrendering to dreams to find your personal truth? What kind of truths are ignored during someone's waking life?
Drawing with cross-hatching
close up 1
close up 2
close up 3
D.  What was your first impression of this cross hatching drawing? What kind of movement and sense of reality exist in the drawing for you? 

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